This section is dedicated to frequently asked questions regarding laser hair removal, Botox, fillers, facials and skin rejuvenation. We aim to address your concerns and clarify procedures which are specifically designed to suit the individual. The medical staff at AesthetiCare Skin & Laser Clinic works in collaboration with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons to provide the best results possible and assist you in your journey to have smooth and silky skin. Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Is Botox painful and how big is the needle?

Botox is not painful and many patients schedule their appointments during their lunch break as there is no downtime from this procedure. Botox injections are performed with a tiny needle that is inserted into the desired area to relax and refine lines and facial wrinkles.

Does Botox have any side effects?

Botox side effects are rare and these are related to the injector's inexperience and technique faults. Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Does Laser Hair Removal work well on light colored hair?

Laser Hair Removal is very effective on dark hair as the machine is usually intended for individuals with dark hair. However, it also reduces the growth of light hair. In order to determine the effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal, please contact our office for a consultation.

What is the purpose of a Filler, how long does the result last and how much Filler do I need to reduce lines and wrinkles?

Filler is a product that plumps out depressed areas and reduces both fine lines and deep creases of the face. Fillers last approximately from six months to one year and the amount required is determined by your facial lines and wrinkles. Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

What is a fractional laser?

Fractional Laser is used to reduce facial scars and fine lines. After this laser treatment, there is only a little redness and swelling which just lasts for a few days. Afterwards the skin is much smoother and scars and wrinkles have faded. Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

What is microdermabrasion and will I see results immediately?

Microdermabrasion is a lunch time procedure without any downtime or redness. It uses mild suction using diamond tips to remove the dull dead skin layer revealing your younger, softer skin beneath. This procedure is great for improving skin texture and tone, fine lines and pores. We also use the latest microdermabrasion-hydrafacial treatment for glowing and clean skin. Microdermabrasion will make a difference after the first treatment. However, six sessions are recommended for best results. Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

What is the difference between a medical facial and a reguar spa/beauty parlour facial?

A medical facial is administered by a medical aesthetician to facilitate optimal skin health. Medical facials are based upon skin type and customized to meet your specific skin care needs after careful diagnosis of skin problem. Spa/beauty parlour facials are performed in the same manner without customization for your particular skin type. The medical aesthetician collaborates with the doctor for best results and in the event that prescriptions are required, the doctor is available to administer the appropriate medication. Medical facials are extremely popular as clients are informed and realize a medical facial will be implemented according to their particular skin type thus resulting in rejuvenated, healthier skin.

Is there a way to get rid of age spots or brown spots on my face?

Brown spots or age spots are pigmented lesions on the surface of the skin. They are the result of sun exposure and hormone issues over a period of time. These lesions can be removed by lasers and chemical peels.

I sweat too much, can Botox help me?

Botox can now be used to relieve uncontrollable and embarrassing sweating called hyperhidrosis. Botox makes the small muscles of sweat glands inactive for up to 8 months. The underarms and hands can be treated with botox without any side effects.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy consists of injections of vitamins and minerals with a very tiny needle into the lower skin layers.

What are the uses of mesotherapy and how many sessions are needed?

Mesotherapy can be successfully used to treat dull skin, hair fall, and fat bulges like double chin, small abdominal and side folds. Around 4-6 sessions spaced every 2 to 4 weeks are given initially followed by an occasional session after 2-3 months. Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Do you provide services for a complete makeover?

Yes with the combination of Botox®, Fillers, Laser, Fractional Laser, Mesotherapy and Chemical Peels, we provide a complete makeover for young ladies and non-surgical face lift for middle aged men and women.

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